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Life Groups

Life Groups enable people to become connected throughout the week, meeting once or more at different times to suit. Our aim is growing and affirming a healthy community of all ages who deeply care for one another, growing in love and faith which impacts not just our own lives but those around us also. 


Christianity Explored

Before joining a group a JSP group we suggest journeying together with Christianity Explored looking at the big questions in life; who is Jesus and what does that mean for me?

Wednesday evening @ 7.15 Next groups begins Summer 2024  for 6 weeks.


Jesus Shaped People

Jesus Shaped People is a discipleship adventure looking at the life of Jesus.

We meet every Wednesday @ 12 noon over tea and cakes and disciple together as a group.

“When I pray, coincidences happen. When I don't, they don't.” - Archbishop William Temple

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