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APCM 2024

APCM 2024 

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) at ST Andrews Church will be held on Sunday 12th May @ 11.30 (after the main service). This is an opportunity to review the year activities and give thanks to God for all that has happened in the life of the church and to hear of the pans for 2024 and beyond. We will also be electing or re-electing our 2 Churchwardens and additional 3 members of the PCC. All are welcome to attend but only those on the Electoral Roll can vote.

Electoral Roll
Being on the electoral roll is a way of confirming your commitment to St Andrews. If you would like to be added, please click here and complete the online form (or you can collect a paper form to complete from the Church Office).
To be eligible to join the electoral roll, you need to:
i. be over 16
ii. have been baptised, and
iii. have attended St Andrews regularly for at least 6 months or be resident in the parish.
To be eligible to vote at this year's APCM you need to apply to be on the electoral roll.

Paperwork for APCM
All the documents for the meeting will be available in due course. 


Survivor Support Services

A list of organisations offering support to survivors is available to download here.

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