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Introducing Frances

We welcomed Frances as our newly appointed warden at St Andrew's and dug a little into her life by firing these question at her.

Q: What is your background? Work/Family etc

A: I am a mother of twin daughters and have two beautiful granddaughter's aged 9 and 17. I am a retired Sheltered Housing Care Manager and Foster Carer.

Q: What drew you to become a member of St Andrew’s Church congregation?

A: I moved to Chelmsley Wood in 2017 and on my first visit to St. Andrew's I was impressed with the relaxed atmosphere and was made to feel very welcome.

Q: Do you hold any other roles of office within the church?

A: I am being introduced here today as the new Church Warden but I am also a Chaplain, visiting residential facilities. I have recently taken part in the commissioning service with Churches Industrial Group Birmingham, as an Associate Chaplain - something I worked towards with the support of the team at St. Andrew's and am extremely proud of myself for. I assist Rev'd Helene in weekly private prayer, and am a member of the social committee. I am also a member of the Church on The Wood team, supporting the family friendly services.

Q: When you made the decision to put your name forward for Church Warden, how did you know it is the right thing for you?

A: I was asked if I would be interested in standing for Church Warden, to say that I was taken aback a little is a slight underestimation and found myself asking "why me?" I quickly realised that this is an opportunity to be part of the health and wellbeing of the church community.

The deciding factor for me was the faith the congregation had in me to take up this role of responsibility. I felt very humbled!

Q: What is your vision for St Andrew’s Church and the community Chelmsley Wood?

A: To see a growing and broad mix of people from across the community, from different generations, and backgrounds who want to explore and grow in faith together.

Q: What do you enjoy to do?

A: I love to learn more and more about my culture & history. I enjoy being a huge part of St. Andrew's community, and volunteering in the Community. I am Birmingham Jamaican Association Chair person and I love to cook, as well as travel - when travelling is possible, of course!

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1 commento

20 dic 2020

Congratulations Frances on your achievement and a warm welcome to the calling of doing God's work.

I wish you every success and may the grace of God empower you in gaining souls for the kingdom

Hyacinth Wright

All Saints Church

Small Heath

Mi piace
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